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Shoot slots to match the figures and place them correctly. In this game and challenge you will enjoy different shooting tasks where the main objective and goal is to shoot a figure and place it where it belongs. This game will entertain you with different challenges and levels, each level has different ways to complete your task. You can move your boat right or left to get under your objective. In your boat you will find an item like a star, hearts, keys, coins, and others. You must select your place for shooting and when you are ready you must send the item to the top to reach its goal. If you shoot correctly the item will land on the correct space, if your shoot is not correct the item will drop and you must catch it. DonĀ“t let items drop to the water or you will lose a turn, after three missing items, the game will be over.
Each level of this game has different obstacles and you must avoid them to reach your goal. You will have more than one free space of each item, try to reach the item of the top to get extra bonus, bonuses will drop from the items and you must catch them to earn them.

Birgilio Rivera
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